Autumn Approaching

The sun is falling fast
better enjoy summer while it last
No longer warm enough for an evening stroll
or a quiet field corner in which to roll
The calm of night comes quick
and dew falls heavy and slick.
Fields of cropped corn stubble
and fallen trees causing trouble
where once fox cubs rolled in hay
Roe deer scatter instead of play
No fresh watercress in this stream
that spring pepperiness is just a dream
But as we start to leave summer behind
I’m sure new delights in Autumn we will find


I can’t imagine life without you
I’m not really sure I would make it through
You’ve touched me in some special place
now I’m ever searching for your face.

There was a time I didn’t know what I was missing
that was before your lips I had been kissing
It was before we walked down that track
and now I never want to go back.

You fill me like the fruit in a jam jar
you are my own personal guiding star
To hold you sleeping naked at night
against an entire army I would fight.

You are my love, my passion
for keeps babe, not for fashion
You have made my dreams come true
and I want to share this joy with you.

Just the start

I gave you my heart
it was just the start.
I’m gonna give you my love
it fits like a glove.

Your love is gold
like velvet to hold.
I need it so much
I hunger for your touch.

How your eyes twinkle
as your magic they sprinkle.
Your smile amazes
drawing jealous gazes.

You set me on fire
I’m flaming with desire.
You will still be the one
When all time has been and gone.


To cuddle with you is to know bliss
in every touch and in every kiss

To hear you say that you miss me
in my heart sets a million doves free

To see that smile radiate on your face
I would journey to any place

To lick you till you ripple in ecstasy
there is nothing better to taste and see

Then hold you in the afterglow
pulse still racing but the mind starting to slow

To kiss your back as your breathing slows to sleep
these are all precious memories to keep.


Sitting waiting, just contemplating another night without you here.

I’m drifting, my spirits need lifting without your love I could disappear.

Just falling, I’m missing your calling, your absence always brings fear.

I’m yearning for your returning for the nirvana of having you near.

Your touch, your lips
your words, your hips
the fuel for me fire
my light, my desire
the reason why I sing
you are my everything.


Its still a few days until you are leaving
but already for your company I’m grieving
Thoughts in my head gushing and thronging
I want to hold you with such longing

Every second we are apart
tears at my heart
I want us to be together
to hold you forever

I need your touch, your tickle
without your love I’m in a real pickle
The feeling of holding you skin to skin
impossible to describe, don’t know where to begin

But I do know my love is true
whenever we are apart I feel blue
and I’m desperate to be in your arms
to drown slowly in your charms




You have to just stop and stare
who the hell would put a door there?
Perhaps a prop for a practical joke
if you don’t like some bloke.

I don’t think I would be impressed
if I was a first time visiting guest
and ended up leaving by boat
when I was just looking where to hang my coat.

Based on picture taken last night along the Oxfordshire Canal

Domestic Bliss

To watch you walk
to hear you talk
to see you dance
is the height of romance.

To hear your fears
to dry your tears
to halt any doubt
that’s what our love is all about.

To right any wrong
to write you a song
to bring you affection
brings my life a positive direction.

To watch you bathe
while you watch me shave
the things never to miss
sharing this domestic bliss.

Melting Me

My love for you makes my heart swell
there are only so many things I want to tell.
You can see my feelings written in my face
when you slip into that lovely white lace.

I want to share my life with you
I know its true, I’ve thought it through.
Your smile could melt any ice
I want to see it whatever the price.

You and me make such a great team
I daren’t pinch myself in case its a dream.
Your smile could melt any frost
I’m dying to see it whatever the cost.

I can’t wait for us to share the new house
I promise to be as quiet as a mouse.
Your smile could melt away the snow
and I’m always delighted when you let it show.

No Solace

Sleep is no solace when we are apart
it alludes me, it runs from me
I try desperate measures
imagination and tight grip are bed fellows

No longer can I sleep alone
I roll, I curse, I moan
try to tell myself I’ve grown
but the truth is the seed’s been sown.

I’m a lost little boy without you
blue and fed up through and through
Its a lesson I will have to take on the chin
when finally the morning will begin.